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All crimes are classified in legislation, but some charges carry a stronger stigma than others. This is clearly true of drug charges and driving under the influence. Prosecutors often tend to prosecute drug cases with a particular zeal. Additionally, states have enhanced their impaired driving statutes and have set the parameters for punishment in a comprehensive approach to stop the practice. Bonds are set differently as policy within most courts and there is no requirement that judges and prosecutors set minimum standards as policy. This is as true in big cities like Green Bay, Wisconsin, as it is in small town America.

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Drug Cases
Anyone accused of a drug crime will face a significant amount of bond. Making bond can be particularly difficult for individuals of limited resources, which is routinely the case with many lower level drug cases. Punishments can also be enhanced by case particulars. All arrests are not carried out according to actual legal arrest procedure, as many officers will attempt to coerce information out of the defendant during the process. With the exception of simple possession of marijuana, most drug charges carry the possibility of incarceration time and an experienced and competent legal representative is always necessary for anyone facing a felony or incarceration as well as a fine.

Class X Drug Crimes
Having a highly-qualified DUI criminal defense attorney can be very important for those accused of a Class X felony drug crime for large amounts of controlled substances. The minimum threshold is possession of more than 15 grams of all listed substances, which is essentially just over one-half ounce. The Green Bay, Wisconsin court system handles many of these cases regularly, which is one of the strictest approaches to drug control in the nation. Class X crimes can carry a mandatory life imprisonment in some cases. However, drug charges are routinely reduced and prosecutors usually save the Class X charge for repeat offenders and example cases. This classification can allow a prosecutor to send a strong message to the community about drug activity, but Green Bay still has a very real big-city crime problem that often includes drug involvement.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Green Bay Wisconsin
Wisconsin impaired driving statutes allow more flexibility than most states, but the flexibility is primarily upwards. Aggravated cases of driving under the influence can be prosecuted as felonies in some of these cases. Aggravated charges require a minimum blood alcohol content level of .16 or include an accident resulting in a fatality or significant bodily injury. The standard BAC for a class 1 misdemeanor is .08, with lesser amounts being classified as reckless driving.

All DUI convictions will have a component of driving privilege suspension, which is increased with each subsequent intoxicated driving conviction. Fines for even a first DUI can be as high as $2500, but the Green Bay system usually saves this fine level for aggravated convictions. Having a passenger under the age of 18 can also create a scenario for an enhanced crime, but this is an area where a solid DUI attorney can negotiate for elimination.

It is important for any defendant to hire an experienced DUI attorney who is familiar with the Green Bay court system, as well as the state of Wisconsin. Hiring an attorney can also help in other criminal processes, such as bond, fine, or incarceration time reduction. In some cases, charge reduction can also be negotiated. Solid criminal defense attorneys can also request prosecutors to reduce drug charges by a one classification in many plea negotiations. Hiring a reputable criminal defense attorney can make a considerable difference in the punishment phase of any case adjudication, making the resources invested in defending the case worthwhile.

When you see those flashing red and blue lights go on behind you, you understand that you are in trouble. A drunk driving with drug conviction can impact every aspect of your life as you may lose your license and could even face jail time. With an experienced DUI defense lawyer on your side, you may have more options than you realize to fight the charges and minimize the potential damages. So what are you waiting for? Before you talk to anyone… Talk to us! Call ASAP Best DUI Attorney in Green Bay at 877-486-3984 – Do it for you!

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